Safety Clean Partition (Blower)

SCP a large air purifier used in clinical consultation rooms and office rooms, and is designed to be quiet in the 40 dB range in low operation.


Model Air Supply Type
Use The air supply clean partition is used for cleaning the clean bench and work area.
Size - W820 × D120 × H1435 (mm)
- Thin body (thickness: 120mm): Can be installed in small spaces.
Weight 35kg
Details The air supply type blows clean air from the entire panel surface.

Place it behind the existing workbench to clean the workbench. In addition, it can be used for various cleaning applications that take advantage of its thin shape, such as supplying clean air from the side of storage shelves and transport systems.

Use in pairs (Air supply + Exhaust type)
A stable horizontal airflow can be obtained by using a pair of supply and exhaust types. When you want to maintain the cleanliness around the work in the process where dust is generated, you can prevent contamination by installing the work on the air supply side and the dust generation source on the exhaust side.