2023.05.03 Clean Air Solution

ESD Garment for Cleanroom

An ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) garment for a cleanroom is a specialized type of clothing designed to protect against electrostatic discharge while maintaining a clean and sterile environment. ESD garments are used in industries where electrostatic discharge can damage sensitive electronic components or cause explosions or fires, such as semiconductor manufacturing, electronic assembly, and pharmaceutical production.

ESD garments typically consist of a jumpsuit, gloves, and boots made from synthetic materials that have low or no static charge generation. The garment may also include a grounding strap or other device that allows the wearer to be grounded, thereby reducing the risk of electrostatic discharge. The material of the garment is chosen for its ability to dissipate static electricity, and it is designed to minimize shedding of particles or fibers that could contaminate the cleanroom.

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